Company history

History of Taean complex specialized for insects (Chungnam Taean Agricultural Corporation)

May. 2013 : Visited Protaetia brevitarsis seulensis breeding farms (white grub) in 5 provinces in Korea
Aug. 2013 : Conducted pilot business for Protaetia brevitarsis seulensis (5 farms)
Aug. 2014 : Established Chungnam Taean Agricultural Corporation
Jan. 2015 : Selected as agricultural field forum to make hopeful agricultural village (1 year)
Feb. 2015 : Established Namsan Insect Research Research Group (50 cooperative agricultural houses)
Apr. 2015 : Established distribution and sales company of Deeprooted farm and register trademark
Dec. 2015 : Established Korea Bio Insect Research Center (Protaetia brevitarsis seulensis history research center)
-The first white grub breeding facility according to HACCP in Korea
Feb. 2016 : Selected as complex specialized in insect in Taean (Larva village full of flower scent)
Mar. 2017 : Registered patent for trademark of white grub character (Kkoji, Muji and bio family)
Apr. 2018 : Completed project for complex specialized in insect in Taean (breeding, processing, experience 6th industry)
(Chungnam Taean Agricultural Corporation registered as natural protein extraction plant)
May. 2018 : Applied for patent regarding IOT-based system to grow high-quality insects
June. 2018 : Registered patent application for functional food ingredients to release and prevent absorption of heavy metal into body
July. 2018 : Registered patent for making bean using edible insects
Aug. 2018 : Registered Korea Bio Insect Research Center as its affiliated organizations.
Sep.2018 : Selected as insect distribution project group member
Oct. 2018 : Signed a deal on clinical study on P. brevitarsis (white grub) with Korea University Hospital
Nov. 2018 : Registered patent for separating fatty acid oil and water soluble peptide
Jan. 2019 : Established the system for goods receipt regarding contact-based production based on cooperation with national P. brevitarsis breeding farms

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Business name : Deeprooted Farm (hungnam Taean Agricultural Corporation) 

Address : 208-37, Anmyeondae-ro, Taean-eup, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnamdo Province, Republic of Korea

CEO : Choi Jeong-sook 

Business registration number : 316-81-25021

mail-order business registration number : No. 2018-Chungnamtaean-0208



Operation hours : 8:30~ 17:30

Lunch time : 13:00~ 14:00

Closure: Closure on Sat. Sun. and public holidays

Tel : 041-672-9928 / Fax : 041-672-7337

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Chungnam Taean 

Agricultural Corporation



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