Information on the use of experience learning

  We prepared programs for our visitors to Deeprooted Farm experienced based learning facility. 
   Various experience programs are prepared for various targets such as children, adolescents, adults and companies.          Your participation would be appreciated.

 If you want to apply for the program, you need to access "experience/technology learning" > application for learning on our       website.

  (Due to duplicate application problem, you cannot make a reservation on site or via phone call. We ask your understanding.)

 Please cancel your reservation before 7 days and direct cancellation only through website is possible due to problems with     personal information protection and delivery process error.

∙ If you do not show up after application, it is hard to proceed our program. Please be careful when you designate the date for your    participation. 

Rules for making reservation for experience/technology learning program

  • Target : Individual, companies an group
  • Period : 3 months up to 1 week before the experience date
  • Reservation : up to 30 people per time
  • Contact : +41-672-9928

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