Introduction of research center

Korea Bio Insect Research Center is involved in various kinds of researches and developing technologies to promote health customized for each customer.

  • Lead the operation system for safe nurturing and management of P. brevitarsis.
  • Develop new functional and new materials from P. brevitarsis.
  • Highlight the efficacy and excellence of P. brevitarsis again.
  • Develop health functional ingredients which are subject to individual recognition.
  • New product development and research.
  • Establish and manage a thorough and rigorous quality management standard.

    Patent & certification

  • Develop smart cube for farming houses where white grubs are grown (patent for white grub IOT nurturing box is under application).
  • Develop program and system for sporozoite history management, producer history management and specification for each growth period (temperature/humidity, gas generation feeding timing, medium replacement timing management application system).
  • The patent for manufacturing technology of smart bean (black bean) to remove disgusting feelings about white grubs under application.
  • The patent for the product which releases toxin using white grubs under application.
  • New products such as hair loss management, cosmetics and mask pack are under development.

 Introduction of breeding farm (experience farm)

Introduction of eco-friendly plant

· plant is clean and thorough waste water management is conducted for environmental protection.
· Clean Room System maintains cleanness in each breeding and manufacturing room.
· No-edge design is applied to prevent dust in the manufacturing site and central control system is controlled (maintaining temperature and humidity at which microorganism is hard to spread and supplying air after removing fine dust) through air handling unit.
·To prevent cross contamination, manufacturing site is separated for each process and the site is designed according to GMP standard.

Patent & certification

  • Patent for making smart bean (black bean) to remove disgusting feeling about white grub under application
  • Patent for toxin including heavy metal releasing product under application
  • Patent for white grub IOT breeding box under application

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