"Nature is always full of vitality.

 We will make you heathier with the power of nature".

Deeprooted Farm

Deeprooted farm is a protein company specialized in research/production of natural peptide, pioneering a new chapters. 

We have spent more than 10,000 hours to be recognized with our true product and competence without damaging the value and name of agriculture.
We will demonstrate the time invested by making consumers healthier and satisfied. Since April 2018, we established a new GMP grade plant in Taean, Chungnam to provide a better quality product to customers. 
We established the production line from nurturing-processing to production to produce quality protein.
Belief of Deeprooted Farm

First, it should be natural ingredients.

Second, there shall be no feeling of aversion.

Third, the best protein for the human body shall be provided.

Based on our belief above, we will continue to establish a rigorous standard to secure safe raw ingredients and produce products continuously in the future so that we keep trust of our customers in us.

Thank you always and we wish you a good health.

[Executives and employees of the company]

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Business name : Deeprooted Farm (hungnam Taean Agricultural Corporation) 

Address : 208-37, Anmyeondae-ro, Taean-eup, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnamdo Province, Republic of Korea

CEO : Choi Jeong-sook 

Business registration number : 316-81-25021

mail-order business registration number : No. 2018-Chungnamtaean-0208



Operation hours : 8:30~ 17:30

Lunch time : 13:00~ 14:00

Closure: Closure on Sat. Sun. and public holidays

Tel : 041-672-9928 / Fax : 041-672-7337

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Chungnam Taean 

Agricultural Corporation



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